Try the oral gavage feeding needle from Fuchigami for mice

Your animals deserve the best. Whether it is a pet or a laboratory animal. Of course, this also applies to mice. Here at Nuevo Vet, we have the pleasure of leading the Fuchigami brand. One of the best brands on the market at all.

Fuchigami – A wide range

When it comes to finding the right size for oral gavage, you’re in luck. Fuchigami offers a good and wide selection of feeding needles, so there is a probe for all sizes of mice and rats, etc. Plese also see the oral gavage for rats.

The benefits

Plastic feeding needles have the great advantage that, firstly, they are much more animal friendly and then they have the advantage that you can see your compound through the tube. You therefore know for sure if there are air bubbles in. The tube itself is made of plastic material of medical grade. Once the feeding needle has been used for a group of mice (one compound), the gavage is discarded. You thus avoid several compounds being mixed by mistake.