Nuevo Vet Flex, The most gentle oral gavage for dosing rats

Imagine being an experimental animal and being forced to be dosed by oral gavage maybe twice a day for 8 weeks. How would you feel if you had to force a rigid metal probe down your throat and stomach? We believe that many attempts have been made to draw the wrong conclusion. The animal has begun to lose weight. It must be drug related right?. But no! A metal probe can cause major damage over time to the esophagus and stomach, which can eventually cause the animal to stop eating. But can that be avoided? Yes very easy. By using a flexible plastic feeding needle  for oral dosing, with a soft tip, it avoids exactly the above things. There are several brands on the market, but Nuevo Vet Flex is the most gentle one, flexible and soft on the market. Nothing beats it. And it’s cheap!

Oral gavage for rats

Nuevo vet flex is available in two lengths. 75mm for most rat sizes and 50mm for the small rats of less than 100 grams.

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Rat Oral gavage


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